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LX(RMX) / LISBON REMIXED – Sounds of the city reconstructed by 8 (or 16?) musicians inspired by Álvaro de Campos, a heteronym of Fernando Pessoa.

Featuring music by Steve Roden (aka In be tween noise), Pedro Tudela (akaJohnny Days), Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner), Kate Carr (aka The Frigatebird), Shawn Kelly (aka Y?Arcka), Marielle V. Jakobsons (akadarwinsbitch), Paula Daunt (aka Agnosie), and João Ricardo (aka OCP), all working from a shared set of sounds collected and constructed by Elvis Veiguinha. Veiguinha’s field recordings originally served as the score for an installation of photos of modern urban Lisbon by Jorge Colombo. LX(RMX) Lisbon Remixed by disquiet more…

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